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mia healing sanctuary

Mia’s healing sanctuary is a peaceful place for dogs to live in nature. The project is about to start here in Bali and the idea comes from meeting Ida. ​ Ida is my friend. She is an amazing and beautiful soul and she rescues dogs from the streets of Bali. She saves them, heals them, and lives with them. ​ We want to make a safe place for Ida to be able to live in nature with all her rescued dogs. For them, to be able to run and live freely in a safe environment would be priceless. ​We also want to keep on adding more to the family as we find dogs in need. ​We would like to make a healing center for people in need of affection. ​I have recently learned that dogs were natural healers and that they can help humans to heal their broken souls due to broken childhoods. ​Let's make this world a better place for both animals and humans.

With Love, 

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