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mia healing sanctuary

Mia Healing Sanctuary (MHS) is a family-based nonprofit, led by a 9-year-old girl, who wants to give Balinese stray dogs a peaceful place to live. Their vision is to give every Bali dog in need a loving and safe home. 


Through their mini sanctuary program, MHS are providing home and care for stray dogs around their neighborhood while giving support to some local dog adopters. Currently MHS is taking care of between 30 to 45 dogs at any given time within their sanctuary while running an adoption program for people who would like to adopt a dog.


Through our collaboration, we aims to raise $150,000 to support their mission in providing complete care for unhealthy and homeless stray dogs in the next ten years. 


The first $100,000 will be used to support the newly constructed sanctuary's amenities and a full-time veterinarian on staff, ensuring that each dog gets the individualized care and consideration they require. This will help to support 35-40 dogs monthly for the next 10 years.


Additionally, other $50,000 is to support more local dog adopters by offering free dog food and resources to help lessen the number of stray dogs on the streets and foster a more nurturing neighborhood for everyone. For both people and animals, we want better centers for healing. 


Participate now to help these precious animals have a better future and have a favorable impact on the world. 

With Love, 

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